dimanche 4 octobre 2009


Sometimes, I just sit and wait. Wait for something to happen.
I think about all these things all around the world, happening to people at this very moment.
People dying, people giving birth, people making love, people sitting and waiting for something to happen to them too...
In these moments, I also think about you a lot. Lately, you've been haunting my thoughts. Even though 'haunting' isn't the right word because you're not spooky, you're warm and familiar and loving.
I guess that it's just hard to be apart, so I'm making memories up. Imagining what you're doing now, what we will do together when I'll come back, what we could do if you were here with me.
Of course, it's harder at night. When I have no one to talk to, when I just sit and wait for nothing.
At night, I picture you sound asleep. Your features relaxed, the sheets kicked away, your hands buried under a pillow. And I picture you dreaming, even though you never remember what you've been dreaming of.
So I'm sending you dreams, memories of the future, of things that happened, of things that will not be. Of the Christmas lights illuminating the streets, of the intertwined sounds of the wind and the waves, of waking up in a yellow room.
And, doing that, I just hope that I helped you sleep a little bit better, that even without remembering your dreams, you'll wake up happy and rested.

And warmed by the idea, I can finally close my eyes and dream.

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Maky a dit…

Moi j'dis que c'est très beau.